Q: If child is younger than 2 yo?

A:Children are all different, and we are ready to discuss possibility.


Q: Is it possible to try first, before we sign up a contract?

A: Yes! We give a TWO-WEEK TRIAL PERIOD. After a two weeks of trial period, either party can terminate care with 2 weeks written notice only .


Q: What if parents do not like Spanish or other lessons in developing program?

A: There is always possibility to discuss it and get lessons of sports or art instead. Just let us know which ones you would like to have.


Q: Who will provide those lessons? Who will pay for them?

A: We will invite professional teachers for those lessons. And do not worry about payments for those lessons – it is already included in tuition.


Q: А можно русский детский садик сделать?

А: Можно! Для этого только надо чтобы мамы привели своиx малышей в такой садик.


Q: If I want my child to attend for only a few hours a day?

A: When it is per 4 hours/day it is part time. It is better to sign up part time contract. It will be chipper for you. If you willing to bring your child for just a couple hours, please be advised that price per hour will be higher – $10/h, not $6.38/h. That’s because we are a licensed facility and we must provide the same space, safety, time quality and attention to the ‘part time’ child as to ‘full timer’.

Q: Got other questons, not listed here?

A: Give us a call at 604-786-6282. Text. or simply leave comment on our page. We will be happy to answer.

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